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Giannis Haroulis & Band

Photos by @Kostas Stamoulis

Giannis Haroulis was born and grew up in Lassithi, a small village in Crete. His first contact with music happened at the age of 6 when his father, a sculptor, showed him how to play the mandolin. A little later on, he acquired his first lute and began the study of traditional music of his homeland. From the age of 15 he began to work as instrumentalist in local festivals.His first appearance in Athens took place in the summer of 2002 at the Theatre of Lycabettus, where he had been invited by Christos Thibaios, in a concert in the honour of Nikos Xilouris. And so, he went on stage for the first time, interpreting the songs «Κόσμε χρυσέ» (“Golden World”) and «Οι πόνοι της Παναγιάς» (“The pains of the Virgin Mary”), during a very touching and emotionally charged evening.
Giannis Haroulis does not represent a specific music genre, but through the continuous experimenting and having nurtured with Cretan music, succeeds in a miraculous way in marrying tradition with new modern sounds. In each of his performances, excitement prevails. The mature and full of intensity and passion voice of Giannis Haroulis, allows him to transform himself in a magical way and to become one with each song he interprets, thus revealing the meanings behind the words of the lyrics.

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