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A two-day Jazz invasion from Greece

Photos by Zakopaul

A two-day Jazz invasion with Sancho 003, Tzoum and the Misery of the grind handle

About Sancho 003

Sancho 003 were formed in spring 2007 by the Thessalonians, Fotis Siotas (violin, viola, keyboards, vocals) and Kostas Pantelis (electric guitar). Both are known for their musical collaborations but the project of Sancho 003 is totally different from anything they have done in the past. Sancho 003 produce electro-acoustic soundscapes using the technique of looping in all their compositions, which are purely instrumental. The result is quite experimental and while difficult to describe in words, it could be characterized as cinematic.

About Tzoum

The Tzoum started as a project by John Feather (electric and fretless guitar) and Sotiris Ntouvas (drums), inspired by sounds and colors encountered in Greece and abroad, with biggest influence the sound that meets one of the festivals of Tzoumagia (Serres). The result is a fusion jazz rock with traditional melodies of the East and the Balkans. With many important collaborations and presence in recent Greek discography, Tzoum is a band with different and unique sound that travels in a multicultural world.

About Misery of the grind handle

“Misery of the grind handle” consists of Dimitris Tsakas (saxophone) and Sotiris Douvas (drums). It is a jazz duet that plays jazz standards and original jazz pieces. Both musicians are trying to acquire a personal sound through the particularity of the sound in a drums and saxophone duet. The band’s sound is based on the rhythm and the harmonic structure of the songs.

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